Classic Studio Portrait Sessions

Classic Studio Sessions
Ages 5 months and up

I highly recommend that baby sessions be scheduled at important milestones rather than based on age.

A typical baby or child session will last anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes depending on your little one. Two outfit changes is usually the most that a baby will tolerate, so if you have an outfit that you really want baby photographed in, please bring baby portrait ready. Our studio has an ever growing prop and wardrobe collection that clients are welcome to use for their sessions.

For young children and babies, a favorite stuffed animal or blanket, snack, or game of peek-a-boo can be helpful to keep them smiling and playing in front of the camera. Feel free to bring in an iPod of your children's favorite songs to play at the session too! 

Sometimes children do a much better job without a parental audience. It's amazing how a crying, unhappy two-year-old will turn into a little angel once mom and dad aren't watching! If this appears to be the case, feel free to step into our waiting area!

A healthy child is a happy child. Please let me know within 24 hours of your session if your child is sick, has a runny nose, or a cold, so we can reschedule your session. Since I work very closely with newborns, I need to be extra diligent in protecting my tiniest clients. I cannot stress this enough...If you arrive for a session with a child displaying any outward symptoms of sickness your session will be cancelled.

Finally, please know that working with children offers no guarantees. Each child is unique and performs/poses differently. Some children may be shy or serious during their session while others might be full of personality and smiles. As much as you might want that perfect smiling shot, our goal is to capture the moment and stage your child is in, whatever that might be.